Toronto Diary
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ECLSb and Easter

To the Christian readers, happy Easter! And to everyone else, happy non-denominational long weekend!

I’ll go on a little bit more about how we’re celebrating the completely original story of a deity being crucified and resurrected and how we celebrate that with an anthropomorphic bunny that shits chocolate in just a bit. But first, I need to congratulate everyone who worked on Eastern Canada Leather Sir/boy this weekend. A lot of great men competed this weekend, and the winners were Master Robert and boy Dominic.

And now back to Easter. I know it’s not the greatest pagan holiday to be co-opted by Christianity, but it does give us an opportunity to eat chocolate and dye things, so it’s not a complete waste. And it also gave us this bit from Patton Oswalt about those PAAS egg-dying kits. So once again: not a completely useless holiday!

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