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Eddie Izzard pop quiz

From stage and screen, in a frock!

A pop quiz with comedian/actor Eddie Izzard.

Few actors are as brazen and unabashed about their transvestitism as Eddie Izzard.

The British-born performer, who describes himself as straight, is part of a long tradition of British comedians wearing women’s frocks, but he does so without irony. Being a transvestite is part of his sexual identity, and he has been very public about it for more than two decades.

Izzard was recently in Toronto to film a multi-episode role on the TV series Hannibal and to promote his upcoming stage show, Force Majeure, which he will tour internationally after it opens in Halifax on Nov 10.

In a quick pop quiz with Daily Xtra, Izzard was asked who he would most like to meet if he could (dead or alive), who his ideal date would be, his favourite singer and his favourite shade of lipstick.

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