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Egale appoints interim ED

Kaj Hasselriis, former national spokesperson of Canadians for Equal Marriage, has been appointed interim executive director of gay rights lobby group Egale.

Hasselriis says he sees his role as making “good short-term decisions” and being a “strong caretaker who can build a bridge between the last executive director and the next executive director.”

He is a former contributor and editor of Manitoba’s GLBT magazine Swerve, a former Winnipeg Pride planner, and a campaign manager for Winnipeg lesbian school board chair Kristine Barr.

“I think that Egale has been associated in the public with legal issues and will continue to be… but there are all sorts of other victories that won’t come in the courtroom,” he says. “It’s important for us to look at how we will make the next gains for [queer] equality in Canada.”

Egale has been plagued over the past year by allegations of financial mismanagement and a series of largely unexplained resignations.

Former executive director Gilles Marchildon left in October without giving a full explanation for his departure. Four board members and a committee co-chair resigned in November. Former director of advocacy Laurie Arron bowed out in June. Former office manager Nigel Flear and two board members left last summer.