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Egale wants to inject more queer into the campaign

Five more questions for candidates

Credit: Remi Therieault

The Liberals and Conservatives have greeted a survey about their official stance on queer issues with silence. Egale Canada, a gay and trans lobbying group, asked the parties to respond, but the only ones to do so were the Green Party and the NDP.

Still, the questions are a handy primer for those looking to quiz politicians at candidates’ debates or on the doorstep. Here are some things on Egale’s radar that have not yet been raised by any of the major parties:

1. Do you agree that the current lifetime ban on blood donation by men who have sex with men is discriminatory and scientifically unjustified?

2. Do you support lifting the blanket ban on assisted reproductive services for men who have sex with men and replacing it with a discretionary deferral period?

3. Would you support amending programs designed to help people who look after sick and elderly relatives to include support provided by close friends, or “chosen families,” rather than limiting them to spousal or biological relatives?

4. Do you support increased federal funding for hate crimes prevention and anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia education in schools, communities, workplaces and police services?

5. Are you in favour of increased federal support for non-governmental initiatives to improve the reception and integration of gay and trans refugees in Canada?

Find the complete survey, and the Green Party’s answers, at