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Elizabeth Taylor raises a posthumous $115 million for AIDS

Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery was up for sale yesterday at a Christie’s auction in New York City. A reported $115 million was raised, with some pieces selling for 10 times more than expected. Elizabeth was, of course, known for her love of diamonds (and men who gave them to her), with her famous jewels being compared to those of Wallis Simpson, who possessed one of the largest and most decadent jewellery collections in the world.  

A Cartier pearl and diamond necklace given to Elizabeth by her two-time husband Richard Burton was the highest-selling piece, fetching $11,842,500. The necklace was bought in the late ‘60s for $37,000.

Christie’s representative Marc Porter told the New York Post that it was “one of the most extraordinary auctions that Christie’s has ever had, and a testament to the affection for Elizabeth Taylor worldwide."

The gems are a good investment. Elizabeth’s collection will only increase in value, especially her most iconic pieces.

Her estate has promised that most of the $115 million raised will benefit the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. 

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