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Ellen DeGeneres burns Hallmark over ‘gay’ censorship

We're not allowed to use the word nigger unless we are a black rap singer. Faggot has replaced fuck as the new F-word for a schmuck. Tranny has been censored, and I'm already bored with losing retard because how else do you describe Mayor Rob Ford? Now it's Hallmark that's making me bark because they don't think gay is something we should say . . . I'd call them a stupid cunt if it wasn't politically incorrect to be so blunt.

Hallmark changed the lyrics to "Deck the Halls" on one of its ornaments from "Don we now our gay apparel" to "Don we now our fun apparel" as if gay is too controversial a word to make its way onto a Christmas tree.

And because we all need yet another reason to love Ellen DeGeneres, the talk-show host has done a word-reversal of her own. "Well, I'll change words, too, if they can do that," she said.

Check out her reinvention: