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Ellen DeGeneres is gifting TV with a new lesbian sitcom

I have to hand it to NBC — it isn’t giving up on the gay comedies. Ryan Murphy’s The New Normal crashed and burned, and the critics aren’t loving Sean Saves the World, but that isn’t stopping the network from partnering with Ellen DeGeneres and lesbian writer Liz Feldman to create a new sitcom with a lesbian lead. 

The currently untitled comedy will revolve around a gay woman who gets pregnant by her straight best friend, right before he meets the girl of his dreams. Sounds like the opposite of the ‘90s film The Next Best Thing, which saw a straight woman (Madonna) get pregnant by her gay best friend (Rupert Everett) before meeting the man of her dreams. This time around, though, less drama and more laughs are sure to ensue.

This is Ellen DeGeneres’s first foray into the sitcom world since the cancellation of The Ellen Show. The show will feature the second lesbian lead in a sitcom currently on air, following Amber Tamblyn’s addition to Two and a Half Men.