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Elton John, violence in Zimbabwe and gay Cuba libre

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Elton John marries

Taking advantage of newly legalized gay marriage in England, Sir Elton John has married his longtime partner, David Furnish. The two became civil partners in 2005 and have two sons. Guests at the wedding included David and Victoria Beckham and musician Ed Sheeran.

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Taiwan legislature considers same-sex-marriage bill

A committee of the Taiwanese legislature is considering a bill that would remove gender-specific language from marriage laws, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage. This is the first such law to be formally considered by an East Asian parliament. The bill, which is opposed by influential religious groups, would have to be approved by committee, pass two more readings in the legislature, and be signed by the president to become law.

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US states push for freedom to not serve gays

With 35 US states now permitting gay marriage, conservative organizations across the country are changing their tack. Instead of fighting against gay marriage, they are now fighting for religious people’s right not to serve gay people — from offices where marriage licences are issued to homeless shelters to adoption agencies.

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Hook-up apps killing New Zealand gay bars

Another New Zealand gay bar has shut down — the ninth in two years — because, the owners say, of hook-up apps. While rents have gone up, business has gone down now that gay people can easily meet from the comfort of their smartphones.

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Armed men attack Zimbabwean gay group

A dozen men armed with logs, iron bars, beer bottles and a gun broke into an event put on by Zimbabwean gay group GALZ and beat and robbed attendees. GALZ pointed blame at President Robert Mugabe, who has whipped up anger against gay people in speeches and instigated police raids against GALZ in the past.

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Cuba’s gay rights revolution

Long before the United States decided to lift economic sanctions against Cuba, the country took a sharp turn on gay rights. While sexual minorities were persecuted violently in the 1960s and 70s, a recent charge led by Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raúl Castro, has begun to turn things around.

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