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Entrapment, abduction and the world’s oldest bisexual

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Betty Price (centre), pictured on Jan 17, 2017 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Dating apps help Egyptians avoid entrapment

Gay dating apps such as Grindr and Hornet are offering special tips in Arabic to help Egyptians avoid capture by police. About 70 Egyptians have been arrested on homosexuality-related charges in the past month. [Reuters]

Russian pop singer feared abducted in Chechnya

Activist groups are raising the alarm after a Russian singer disappeared while attending a wedding in Chechnya. Some worry he may have been abducted in the region’s ongoing crackdown on gay people. [Newsweek]

Romanians rally for civil partnerships

Hundreds of Romanians protested this weekend in favour of civil partnerships for same-sex couples. Romania is expected to soon hold a referendum on whether to make marriage constitutionally recognized as between a man and a woman. [The Associated Press]

The oldest bisexual

Jonathan the giant tortoise is the world’s oldest living land animal. But is he also bisexual? [Fox]

US lawmaker suggests “quarantine” for people with HIV

Georgia state representative and medical doctor Betty Price suggested in a hearing last week that people with HIV should be quarantined, and said that part of the problem was that they did not die as quickly as they once did. LGBT groups around the country have called for her resignation. [USA Today]