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Enza takes another swing at it

And this time, she’s brought a shovel.

Transsexual headline-grabber Enza Supermodel Anderson is taking her fourth swing at public office, having just declared her candidacy once again for the Ward 27 council seat (Toronto Centre-Rosedale) currently occupied by Kyle Rae. Anderson first ran for Toronto mayor in the clusterfuck election of 2000, placing third after Mel Lastman and a guy whose campaign gimmick was running around dressed like Robin Hood. In 2002 she tried to run leader of the Canadian Alliance, but was denied entry to the race by the party. The CA leadership was eventually snagged by someone whose campaign gimmick was showing up for press conferences in a wetsuit. In 2003, she lowered her sights on the Ward 27 race, losing to Kyle Rae, whose made some questionable sartorial choices of his own.

Despite being something of veteran of civic politics by now, Enza says her platform is still being formed, but according to Torontoist “she’s adamant about building a bridge to the island airport, fiscal responsibility and transparency, and making public transit and garbage collection essential services,” and she says “We also need to take a look at our communities that are being lost. Church Street is dying, for example. We’ve [Toronto’s LGBT community] fought an uphill battle for what we have, for this, and if we lose this area, we lose who we are.” Hear, hear.

I’ll slyly point to the new billboard tax as a potential source of cash to help rescue failing neighbourhoods. 

In other news, and I’d normally save this for Theatre Thursday but I want to give you a head’s up on it, Kristin Chenoweth will be in town to perform at the opening of Holt Renfrew’s Christmas window display at their Bloor St store on Thursday at 6:30pm. As all gays should know, Chenoweth recently lit up the small screen for a couple dazzling performances on Glee. Enjoy!



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