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Escape to mythical Ibiza to energize or relax

Renown music and circuit party scene, surrounded by tranquil, eye-popping vistas

Ibiza, an island of beauty with almost mythical status.

Like Mykonos in Greece, Ibiza is a summer gay resort that has risen to almost mythical status. Located about 50 miles off the coast of Valencia, Ibiza is one of the larger Balearic Islands.

"La Isla Blanca" is an incredibly beautiful place where visitors' days are usually spent frolicking on the beaches, and the nights are for legendary clubbing that lasts well past sunrise.

A healthy gay scene of bars, restaurants and cafes can be found in the town of Ibiza, around Carrer de la Verge, in the portside Sa Penya area, and in the Dalt Vila.

A United Nations World Heritage Site, Ibiza’s Old Town retains the medieval city walls. Large parts of the island are protected from development, so if you need to get away from the crowds there are always places to enjoy eye-popping vistas in solitude.

Ibiza is world-renown for music. DJs come from around the globe to spin house and trance tunes for appreciative crowds. A large expat community from other EU countries makes its home here, along with Latin Americans and Moroccans, giving the scene a very cosmopolitan feel.

They say that on summer weekends the parties are so perfectly spaced that one is always starting when the last is breaking up. The circuit party promoters follow people as they leave the big cities' heat to relax at coastal resorts, and the scene blazes throughout July and August to wrap up in September.

While July and August are the busiest months, many places are open in May, June and September, for those who prefer a quieter scene.

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