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Etsy artist creates replica Golden Girls dollhouse

'Thank you for being a friend' artist Alan Ronay

The Golden Girls' famous living room. Credit: Alan Ronay

A crafty seller on the "buy direct from the artist" website Etsy has created a Golden Girls dollhouse — an exact scaled replica of the fictitious house at 6151 Richmond Street in Miami made famous on TV sitcom The Golden Girls as the home of Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia. 

"After watching several thousand hours of the show over 20 years, I created this 1:72 scale playset. The model took me a few weeks to design and then a few days to build. It is 100% handmade and designed with a close eye to detail," craftsman Alan Ronay writes.

The Golden Girls replica house retails for $185.30 Canadian.

Ronay wasn't prepared for the popular response when he debuted the dollhouse on Etsy.

"After the overwhelming response for my Golden Girls House Miniature, I've gotten down to work making more. I don't know exactly how long it will take to finish more, since the assembly process is super complicated, but I will let everyone know on my shop page and on twitter @alanronay. Thanks so much to all of you for your support and for all the kind words, I never imagined my project would get this much attention and love! Thank you for being a friend!" Ronay writes on Etsy's Everyday Miniatures page

The Golden Girls aired on NBC from September 1985 to May 1992 and starred Bea ArthurBetty WhiteRue McClanahan and Estelle Getty.  

Ronay's replica house includes the front entry, furnished living room, furnished kitchen, bedroom hall — and, of course, a cheesecake. 

Other fun features from the TV show include:

  • Sophia's bamboo purse in the living room
  • Rose's painting of St Olaf from Season 5 ("All Bets Off")
  • Open the kitchen cabinet to find Dorothy's bike helmet from Season 6 ("There Goes the Bride")
  • Blanche's commemorative Citrus Festival Ball plate (glued back together) from Season 5 ("Ebb Tide")
  • Look for the deck of cards Rose used with Gene in Season 2 ("Isn't It Romantic?")
  • Rose's "R" Cups from Season 5 ("72 Hours")
  • Rose's teddy bear Fernando from Season 3 ("Old Friends")
  • Baggie of egg yolks from Season 5 ("Sick and Tired")
  • And, of course, a cheesecake (almost every episode)

"I took great care to make the model as accurate as possible. The paintings on the walls are the same as those on the show. Keep in mind that things changed between seasons so the model is seasons three through five accurate," Ronay writes.

The Golden Girls Dollhouse comes with "the four girls" as approximately one-inch paper standees.

For more information, check out Alan Ronay's  page on Etsy or follow him on Twitter at