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Eva vs Zsa Zsa…The Gabors Work It Out

A friend of mine passed these chesnuts my way…and I'm pretty sure he didn't know that my sister recently bought me Betty White's biography because I am in love with her and don't care who knows.

I've spent a lot of time in the gym over the past 13 weeks and although I haven't had a trainer yet but iwhen I do get one, I hope he looks like either one of these guys (are they twins? are those singlets?). This video is like a one-liner hit parade. Some things to remember:

1) She's wearing a frilly witch-blouse

2) Apparently stretching helps build strength…in Zsa Zsa's world up is down and fur is the only cool down gear you need.

3) "Don't break my leg because I need it"…Amen!