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Evangelicals, investigations and Venezuela in crisis

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US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis makes a statement at the White House on Sept 3, 2017 in Washington, DC. Credit: Chris Kleponis/Getty Images

Venezuela in HIV crisis

Activists in Venezuela say the lack of antiretroviral medications and healthcare have thrown the country into an HIV crisis. Over 200,000 Venezuelans have HIV/AIDS, and only a few percent are on medication. [NBC]

Activists call for investigation of Gilead

Activists in New York are asking the state’s attorney general to investigate pharmaceutical maker Gilead for antitrust over the rollout of generic Truvada. They accuse Gilead of striking a deal with generics companies that could delay the release of generics for years. [Stat News]

US Defence Secretary will not kick out trans troops yet

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis says he will use discretion given to him by President Donald Trump and not kick transgender troops out of the military without further study. Trump ordered an end to recruitment of new trans soldiers. [NPR]

Malta gets equal marriage

As LGBT people in the tiny Mediterranean island nation of Malta celebrate Pride next week, the government has announced its equal marriage law will also come into force. [Times of Malta]

Evangelical position paper divides Christians

A new coalition statement by a group of American Evangelicals on sexuality and gender is stoking divisions among Christians. Can Evangelicals condemn sexual immorality but support Trump? [The Washington Post]