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Even Spider-Man is endorsing marriage equality

Okay, it’s not the actual Spider-Man. It was Andrew Garfield, who was a way better Spider-Man than fucking Tobey Maguire was. Remember in Spider-Man 3 when he turned into some whiny emo douche and they spent an entire scene on him dancing like an asshole? What I’m trying to say is that Spider-Man 3 was literally diarrhea. Not figuratively. Literal liquid stool.

Well, Andrew Garfield recently spoke on the issue of marriage equality in the States, and it turns out the guy is actually kind of a class act.

‘There is no argument against equality. How can anyone argue against compassion and understanding?’

Of the play, he says: ‘The simplicity of it is that it’s a profound, beautiful story of how love can transform you – gay, straight, bi, lesbian, whoever.’ [SOURCE]

There you have it: even Spider-Man is for gay marriage. Goddamn Spider-Man. I don’t even care if that’s not exactly the case, NO ONE CAN TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME.

Also, this is the first image that popped up when I Google-image searched “Spider-Man Gay.” You earned this one, reader. 


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