Xtra Events Guidelines

Xtra offers an event calendar to which anyone can contribute. Our events editor does their best to offer you an exhaustive list of queer events happening in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. In addition, you are welcome to submit your own events happening in any city, making sure you follow the guidelines below.

What types of event can be submitted?

  • Events clearly geared towards an LGBTQ+ crowd — anything from book launches to sex parties to support groups.
  • Just about any theatrical event.
  • Charity events that are LGBTQ+ specific or HIV/AIDS specific.
  • Events that aren’t specifically geared to an LGBTQ+ audience, but have obvious queer appeal — eg a Madonna or Stevie Nicks concert, or an exhibit of Louboutin shoes at the Bata Shoe Museum, or a screening of The Wizard of Oz.

Before posting, please make sure that the event hasn’t already been posted on the site!

You event will be reviewed by our events editor and may be edited for clarity before publication or may be removed if it doesn’t meet our events guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact us.