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Ever wanted a producer credit? Help fund Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story!

Earlier this year, Falcon Studios celebrated its 40th anniversary, which in gay years is roughly 29, give or take a few months. And now, Falcon Studios’ founder, Chuck Holmes, is getting his own documentary from Michael Stabile. The film focuses on how Holmes used his money to fund gay charities, all while being shunned by the people he was working to help. 

And guess what? You can be a part of it too! The movie is being funded entirely by Kickstarter donations, and you can get tons of free shit based on how much you donate, including DVDs, co-producer credits and stickers! Yeah, apparently stickers are still a thing. I guess if you want you can stick them on your STD tests and pretend you got an A! Unless it’s a hepatitis screening. In which case, I think an A might be bad.

So go to Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story’s Kickstarter page and donate a few bucks and help fund a documentary on an important and overlooked part of gay history. 

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