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Every day is Halloween

We pick on right-wing propagandists FOX News a lot around here but sometimes you get a story that's so insane, even they're amazed by it.  So it is with the church in Connecticut that performed an exorcism to drive "homosexual demons" out of a teenage boy.  It's weird because usually the church is driving things into teenage boys.  Hey-yo!

I prefer to get my theology from Lady Gaga, who won at the MuchMusic Video Awards last night and thanked "God and gays."  Fair enough — while gays styled her hair, danced in her videos and bought her CDs, it was God who gave her the phrase "disco stick."

I think we have a photo of Gaga's new look:

Oh no, wait, sorry — that's Johnny Depp, starring as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's take on "Alice in Wonderland" next spring.  The interactive concept art is perfect for my Monday morning, post-acid-binge-weekend comedown.

Why was that White Rabbit always late, anyway?  He was on Gay Time, of course, and now I've got scientists to back me up.

U2's Bono got a bit of a fright from all those sex-change stories last week but the real terror (and by real, I mean I have no wisecrack on this one) was the brutal state-sanctioned murder of protesters in Iran this weekend. Sorry to end on a dour note but the footage of this astonishing moment in history is remarkable, disturbing and inspiring

Terrible things happen every day (like the MMVAs hosting the Jonas Brothers) but thousands of brave Iranians in the streets are proving you don't have to be afraid of the dark.