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Everything you want to know about homophobia (but were afraid to ask)


Check out for one of the most precise and logical explanations of the homosexual homophobic disease.

"Completely straight people do not lie awake worrying about the gay menace,” the site reads. “Homophobia is a psychological disorder caused by an unnatural fear, dislike, or aversion to homosexuals."


1. Repressed feelings of same-sex attraction.

2. Supposed scriptural prohibitions of homosexual acts.

3. The demonization of homosexuality.

Risk factors:

1. Proximity to the centre of the continuum of sexual orientation (the Kinsey scale).

2. Parents who suffer from homophobia.

3. Being under the influence of others who suffer from homophobia.

4. Lack of contact with known homosexuals.


1. Feeling of anxiety or discomfort when exposed to homosexuals or when discussing issues involving homosexuality.

2. Critical or hostile behaviours directed toward homosexuals or their interests.

3. An espoused belief that homosexuals a) are sick, evil or unnatural, b) are “choosing” to be different than they should be, c) are motivated by lust rather than love in forming their relationships, d) are less worthy of recognition and protection of their relationships than are heterosexuals.


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1. Understand that human sexuality is a continuum and that there are many people near the middle of the spectrum. Try to make people feel at ease by letting them know that you will accept and support them however they truly are.

2. Engage in social contact with actual homosexuals and ask them meaningful questions about their lives.

3. Refuse to be distracted from the central teachings of most religions (eg, the golden rule) by leaders who justify their anti-gay positions by citing obscure verses but who fail to show equal concern for abiding by the surrounding verses.

4. Learn to recognize when the demonization tactic is being employed.  

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