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Evil gays and sluts

Anti-gay slurs and Paul Gauguin's painting attacked for showing homosexuality and nudity – what's next, sluts taking over the cities?

Quirky things happen every day; some are good and some just bizarre. At the Gauguin exhibition at the National Gallery in Washington, DC, a woman found the masterpiece Two Tahitian Women to be "evil." The 53-year-old attacked the painting and tried to pull it off the wall – all because two topless women were depicted on the canvas.

Ignorance and fear of homosexuality can often be found in sports fans. A 10-second video clip of two hulking Toronto Raptor players, Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans, has gone viral. The players were captured walking in the tunnel, next to the furry red mascot, when the homosexual urge obviously took them over – they briefly held hands, laughed and looked extremely happy.

Apparently the comments on YouTube, which have been removed, were anti-gay, hateful and probably boring.

What's not boring is reclaiming the word slut. Thousands of self-proclaimed sluts took over Toronto last weekend to protest a police officer's suggestion that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing provocatively.

Someone needs to warn Police Services in Ottawa and London that this coming Sunday, women will be donning short skirts and strutting the streets, hanging around lampposts and generally being troublesome wenches.

Check back to xtra.ca next week for a video.
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