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Ex-gay pornstar Shawn Loftis cleared to teach in Florida schools

BY ROB SALERNO – Months after former gay pornstar Shawn Loftis (aka Collin O’Neal) was fired from his substitute teaching job at a Miami middle school, NBC reports that the Florida Education Practices Commission has sided with Loftis and allowed him to pursue a teaching certificate.

Loftis, who created and ran the site Collin O’Neal’s World of Men for six years, says that his former principal went on a moral crusade against him and that there’s nothing wrong with or illegal about having worked in porn.

He also says his porn past is completely behind him, which is odd, since the still-active World of Men website [NSWF, obviously] is still branded as Collin O’Neal’s World of Men and includes Loftis’s picture in some of its ads. In fact, still redirects to World of Men.

Loftis told NBC that he hopes to find a job teaching at a Miami high school. Good luck to him. 

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