Toronto Diary
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‘Excited Gay Grandparents’ are the new ‘Kittens Who Think They’re People’

I'm calling it right now: YouTube videos of kittens being adorable are on the out. When's the last time your mom forwarded you a video of a kitten ringing a doorbell? Sorry kittens, but you've just been ousted. And here to claim your throne of YouTube adorableness are . . . excited gay grandparents!

Yeah, this one is getting passed around a lot right now, and it features two gay dads being told that they're going to be grandparents soon, and the level of jump-up-and-down-flap-your-hands-like-a-trained-seal-and-presumably-pee-yourself is a level of cute that my cold, dead, tiny, blackened, frozen heart just can't handle.

Also, does anyone else think that they look pretty good for grandparents? Christ, I hope I look that good at their age.