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Expo about sexuality needs participants

exciting new project about sexuality. A friend of mine just sent me some
information concerning the new exhibition being planned for the
Montreal Science Centre, slated to then go on tour all over the
world. This queer friend of mine urged many of us queer folks to
participate in what the organizers are calling a frank look at sexual
experience for people of all ages and gender. From their website:

this spirit of honesty and openness, we are looking for people
willing to talk candidly about their sexuality — without bias,
stereotypes or preconceived images."

So I agree. Let’s rattle the cage. Let’s destabilize some very rigid
gender and sexual categories. You have to fill out the form, and then
they might pick you. Fill it out here.

This friend is also asking that people submit pics to their Flickr group


photo credit: djipibi