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Facebook embarrasses … oops … embraces gays with ‘Pride Stickers’

In honour of Pride Month, Facebook is deleting all posts that get flagged for depicting homosexuality . . .

Oh wait, that’s just every other month.

Facebook is trying to distract from their constant oppression of gay members who get flagged, blocked and deleted for innocent posts and photos that depict LGBT life and opinions by offering free “Pride Stickers” throughout June.

First of all, if these stickers are supposed to represent Pride, where is the cockring and vodka bottle? Secondly, instead of being a step forward to make amends for their anti-gay Big Brother antics, it feels like with these stickers Facebook is telling us it’s okay to express our sexuality — as long as it’s in the form of a cute, pre-approved and inoffensive emoticon. 

I will credit the social media site for at least having diversity in the stickers, which include a football player and his boyfriend, an elderly couple and even a leather daddy with his pup. Although I’m a little confused over the latter . . . Is that a real puppy?! 

I’m giving these stickers more of a growl than a ruff, but if you’re interested, click here to start sharing.