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Facebook identity theft…and some more bad tattoos

You know what's funny? When Facebook photos of you start to circulate online and someone uses one of them for their profile in a different city…and then that person comes up in your friend suggestions…awesome. I don't know this guy at all but maybe you do…so check out this link.

Fucked up eh? That or someone doesn't like me and decided to make me a Robert Picton account (you know…THAT Robert Picton…awwwwwesome). Boo frickity hoo for me apparently.

In other news, my gal pal Amanda sent me a link to

Judging from the amount of times I've had people come up to me and say stupid things about my tattoos, I should probably take the high road and not post these photos. But the last three months have taught me something important: I'm no longer squeamish about walking in shit.

Yes. That is Patrick Swayze. I thought it was Sting at first, but alas, it is La Swayze. The funny thing is, this is just like a dream I had the other night. The sky was filled with rainbow double-helixes while a whale with a Patrick Swayze head frolicked in an ocean of icy cold wheat beer and lemon wedges far below. Freaky.

Girrrrrrrl! Green semen = big troublems. Get that centre penis on your forehead checked out NOW!