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Facebook strikes again!!!

Ray Lam has stepped down as NDP candidate for Vancouver False-Creek because of, he says, "inappropriate material on my private
Facebook page."
  Lam posted saucy photos of himself in his underwear and suddenly there they are in the Globe and Mail.  I don't get the controversy over his lack of pants:  since the public is always complaining of getting screwed by politicians, shouldn't they be pleased by one who's ready to go first?

Poor Lam obviously didn't pay attention to his Facebook etiquette classes back in the 1950s:

Speaking of saucy photos, here's Hugh Jackman getting ready for bondage action with a British Marine (note the smile!):

Oh, all right, it was just a stunt in London to promote his upcoming "Wolverine" movie, but meanwhile, in the current issue of "Uncanny X-Men," the comic book version of Wolverine is keen to bring back Northstar, Canada's greatest Quebecois gay Olympic athlete mutant superhero:

If you insist that your sexy athletes, you know, exist, then Nick Symmonds is your man — he makes Nike's new "natural" ad campaign essential viewing:

Hey!  Look at this fucking hipster!

And finally, someone has (yes!) written some Anderson Cooper porn:

CNN's Anderson Cooper should have his dirty, little gutter mouth washed out with soap. 

Hot!  Oh wait…it's actually a whiny rant by an angry right-wing Christian.  Business as usual, never mind, let's move on…!