Toronto Diary
1 min

Facebook whores are just getting lazy now

Duckface? How 2009. These days, if you’re gonna slut it up on Facebook by taking misleading pictures of yourself, it’s all about a Facebook whore’s new best friend: sitting on the counter to make your ass look bigger.

Seriously, this is a thing. A thing that exists.

Are you a skinny white bitch with an ass that looks like two pancakes fighting over a chocolate chip? Worry no more! All you have to do is sit on the counter, and you too can trick people into thinking you actually have something to hold your jeans up. I look forward to seeing this pose ad nauseam on Facebook, Manhunt, Grindr, Twitter, JDate…. Ah, the hell with it. I liked you people better when you were pretending to be slutty ducks.

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