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Faces of Furry Creek

An outrageous new Canadian comedy on OUtv this summer

Some faces of Furry Creek

This summer, OUTtv is premiering The Face of Furry Creek, created by Canadian comedy writer/actor Mark Kenneth Woods. 

Desperate for some tourism, the mountain town of Furry Creek holds a competition to find “the face” of its ad campaign. Five outrageous candidates emerge, and comedy ensues. With a small cast of only four actors — Woods, Michael Venus, Amy Goodmurphy and Ryan Steele — the characters are served up with a twist of Kids in the Hall–style genderbending. “As the saying goes, ‘Write what you know.’ So I make up characters that are homely, vodka-coffee drinking, illiterate, $15 prostitutes — naturally,” Woods says. 

And what better way to explore these shining examples of humanity than a reality-TV send-up? “The series spoofs elements of everything from Real Housewives to Dance Moms. I’m fascinated by how eccentric or even ordinary people become celebrities for a split second. Usually for being awful.” 

The Face of Furry Creek, though totally scripted, takes reality television one step further by involving the viewer through various social media platforms. “In the TV show, the contestants are tasked to make digital media each week. So you see them work on a video or blog or photo series, but you have to go to the website to actually see what they made.” 

If you’re looking for a new show this summer, check out The Face of Furry Creek and its online content. It’s kind of like Game of Thrones, except totally, completely different.