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FAG, you’re it! Post-Pride wrap-up

Ho hey yo whoa that was a hell of a weekend! The parade was overcast but still bright and colour-fife. I saw so many pretty things but my favrits were:


  1. Gimps. It's always a good day when you see a pair of gimps.

  2. Gay farmers. There is now officially nothing left to shock me as I have now seen everything.
  3. Twins ina shop window eating chikkin. It was the stuff dreams are made of. Also, I want one.
  4. The older woman, I forgot her name (Jean? Jeanne?) the very first drag artistes in Montreal was almost 80-ish and at Michel Dorion's spectacle!
  5. mmmm, lotsa gays intha street means we were the majority for once. And that is a gay utopia I'm proud (get it?!) to witness.

thanks Montreal Pride!




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