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Falcon’s stoic new star

Credit: Falcon Studios

The film starts on the balcony of a beautiful, rustic house in the country. Will Helm and Roman Heart, draped in terrycloth bathrobes, sit separated by only a plate of croissants, some cantaloupe and two cups of coffee. Heart leads the conversation, but it’s Helm who takes the situation in hand.

The guys ignore their continental breakfast and begin making out. They drop their robes, exposing abs, ribs and huge muscular chests — one hairy, one smooth. And so begins Falcon Studio’s Retreat

Let me not mince words when I say that Helm, in particular, couldn’t act himself out of an Acorn Stairlifts commercial. In the first minute of Retreat he looks at the camera three times and seems tense, but once the scene progresses to porn, it doesn’t seem to matter.

Helm stays in complete control of Heart as he fucks him, although he does so in near silence. Heart’s going crazy the whole time — panting, moaning and swearing — but Helm stays quiet until he finally comes, then he groans from somewhere behind his flat stomach.

Helm’s acting ability aside, his North American debut with Falcon Studios is impressive. He is handsome, slightly bearded and his entire left pec is covered with a monochromatic swirling tattoo that most people would want to bite.

In the second scene, Jesse Santana and Trent Locke connect on the same balcony before moving indoors. Santana’s silver nipple rings steal the scene, bouncing against his big chest the entire time, but Locke’s preppy-with-a-chin-strap look is also noteworthy. 

Retreat continues, following couples around the house, pausing only long enough for them to fuck. Scene 3 introduces Falcon Studio’s newest exclusive, Andrew Jakk, who bottoms for Donny Wright between a spiral staircase and a four-man hot tub. Wright is a good match for Jakk. They’re roughly the same age, height and build, and they’re passionate together.

Helm returns for the final scene, this time joined by Landon Conrad. The guys start out kneeling on a bed in white briefs but don’t stay that way for long.  Helm quickly has Conrad on all fours and once again fucks with a stoic charm.

Although he is clearly having a good time, Helm holds back the typical porn grunting and saves it for his own personal finale.

He fits well into Falcon Studio’s collection of men.