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Fall’s hot new fashion: lesbian chic!

Despite what certain stereotypes would have you believe, the amount I know about fashion falls squarely in between “fuck” and “all.” I mean, throw a pretty dress in front of me and I can say something like “Oh, that dress is pretty and . . . um, it has a nice form?” but then the snippy fashion gays would probably descend upon me because I have no taste and then I’d go home and eat an entire cake by myself because THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW ME.

But I digress.

So did this thing where they asked rhetorical questions about what would happen with the new fall fashions, and apparently, the big thing on everyone’s Big Thing List right now is lesbian chic! SO if you’re working on your new fall wardrobe because you happen to have ridiculous wads of disposable income lying around: Lesbians. Wear what they wear!

What will this high-vis lady love mean for fashion? Socially, perhaps it means that in an industry stuffed with attractive young women, a few more of them may start dating each other. (Seriously: Trying to catch a straight man in fashion is like trying to catch a rainbow.) More importantly, it will have ramifications for style. “I think when you see girls running around in Air Jordans and baseball caps, then yeah, something’s moved,” says Mel Ottenberg, the fashion editor of Purple and a stylist for Rihanna. “I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of that look as ‘lesbian,’ necessarily, but I can say that in the past year, Rih’s wearing combat boots in situations where before, nothing but four-inch-heel stiletto booties would do."

Ummm, yeah, like, shoes and stuff? Project Runway and Vogue and Azealia Banks and Michael Kors and cashmere and also more shoes and Miranda Priestly and Make It Work? Okay, fuck it. I have no idea what I’m saying. I’m just gonna go eat cake now. 

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