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Family Research Council blames us for prostitution

By Adam M Glen – Members of the US Secret Service are implicated in a prostitution scandal, and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins is still the biggest tool in this whole mess.

Perkins has blamed the entire scandal on the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The scandal revolves around 21 prostitutes hired by Secret Service agents in Colombia who were there ahead of President Obama's visit last month. And yet the repeal of the policy allowing lesbian and gay soldiers to serve openly in the US military is clearly responsible for male members of the secret service hiring female prostitutes. YouTube news network The Young Turks give a breakdown below. 

Speaking of tools, Bill O'Reilly has called out the makers of the hit show Glee for trying to influence children into dressing like members of the opposite sex. A trans character named Unique was introduced in last week's episode, and O'Reilly feels Glee's young viewers might impersonate the character. O'Reilly's statement was criticized by GLAAD spokespeople, who said both O'Reilly and guest commentator Gretchen Carlson were "divorced from reality." O'Reilly hasn't always been so critical of the queer community; he came out in support of Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova after her disqualification from the pageant last month.    

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