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Family values

Sad how tainted that phrase has become, so ugly, but since four provinces in Canada introduced Family Day, it's important for queer people to reclaim it — though maybe not as desperately as this:

See, my Family Day involves resting up after a night of dancing and drinking with friends, then taking the dog to the park, calling my niece and dinner with more friends. I like to keep it simple.

But whatever your family looks like — biological, chosen, friends, lovers, fuckbuddies, drag mothers, bowling team or whatever have you — throw some love their way. That's what it's all about.  Let's not let our latest statutory holiday become just a right-wing invention designed to focus on a narrow, exclusionary aspect of our rich and vibrant society.

Here's a video that still makes me laugh because it upset people who thought Spongebob Squarepants could turn kids gay.  If only!  The only thing this video will do to children is make them laugh and maybe dance. Not a bad way to spend Family Day at all…