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Fanmail! (and some Christmas stuff)

You'd never guess what I found in my account this weekend! A note from a reader (who is actually a former coworker of mine from my Butchart Garden days) with the following pictures and note attached:


"In the words of the great master, Austin
Powers, TWINS!!"


That saucy minx thinks I look like actor Lee Pace (left). She pulled the photo off my facebook page. I'm totally flattered. Lee Pace was actually a Tuesday Hotness candidate not so long ago. I have a massive man-crush on that guy. Thanks, Jen.

I like Kay Starr, you like Kay Starr, everybody likes Kay Starr…and I especially love this song ("The Man With The Bag")-

And although I put Sit-com Christmas Episodes on my hate list last week, I am willing to admit that I am wrong and share the following link with you, which shows 80s Christmas classics all day, on a variety of different channels: