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FARC, thought crime and the Mexican slur problem

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LGBT backlash may have defeated Colombian FARC deal

Few saw any connection between protests against Colombian LGBT reforms and the recent referendum defeat of a peace deal with the terrorist group FARC. Americas Quarterly, however, argues that a groundswell of conservative activism against LGBT rights may have swept away the FARC referendum.

Afghanistan’s secret gay community

At the BBC, Aria Ahmadzai uncovers the secret gay world of Afghanistan, where gay couples must hide their identities on pain of arrest or murder, and one activist is out and proud despite being abandoned by his friends and family.  

Mexico’s soccer slur problem

The Mexican Soccer Federation says it will appeal after FIFA fined the organization a third time this year for fans yelling homophobic slurs. Mexico argues that the are not discriminatory “in the specific context.”

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US court gives parental rights to lesbian partner

An American court says the ex-girlfriend of a lesbian mother who gave birth through artificial insemination should have rights as a parent, even though she was never married to the mother. Civil rights groups say the case is a major victory for new family structures.

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Campus Evangelical organization to fire anyone who agrees with gay marriage

The largest Evangelical Christian organization on US university campuses says it will fire any of its 1,300 staff members who agree with same-sex marriage, divorce or pre-marital sex. InterVarsity is asking any employee that disagrees with its theological positions to voluntarily come forward so that they can be dismissed.

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