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Fashion Installation…and another Meat Street Beat: Donnie Klang

Gossip? You got it…these fashion installations happen once a month at 1181. There's a facebook group. Look it up and add yourself. Jeph and Spencer help showcase some of Vancouver's hottest designers and retailers. If you like clothes (and gaylord knows I do), this is your night.

Last night's show featured Clack Clack Empire – with a local owner (Erin M Edwards, Boss Lady) giving a spin on the runway after the models had worked their magic. Super structured clothes – if you like fit, you will love her store.

In other news, Spencer (one half of the Gossip collective) recently appeared on Living Vancouver – check out this link. His segment is at 9:00 mins so scroll forward. I've known the guy for a long time and I'm happy to see him make good.

In other news: I've got a soft (and hard) spot for the next song. At hip hop class the other night, the instructor choreographed to Donnie Klang's Take You There

If you hate P Diddy and the rampant misogynism in this video, listen to it without watching. Remind you of JT? Let's get honest here…the back beat in it is a thing of beauty…love it.
And this song…paging Dr Love to the emergency…hahaha terrihiliarious.
Yeah yeah, you may want to punch me in the face for posting this stuff…but deep down inside you know you love Dr. Love. Reminds me of the golden 'Nsync years of yesterday. Oh. Oh god. Oh god I just went there. 'Nsync. Oh. Oh god.