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Fashion snaps at Pride Toronto 2015

The daring sartorial finds in the city

If there’s one thing 2015’s Pride celebration in Toronto will be remembered for . . . it’ll probably be the rain. But that certainly didn’t stop revelers from busting out of the closet and proving that when it comes to fashion, more is more. 

The biggest, unexpected trend this year? Mythical creatures. Like this Pride horse. So proud. So majestic. So terrifying. 

This unicorn, though not able to vote due to being fictitious, is a Tory supporter. 

Dragon realness, right out of Westeros and into the Village. 

If Bugs did take that left turn at Albuquerque, it probably would look something like this.

Of course, not every fashion maven at Pride looked to their mythical bestiaries for inspiration. Take this strapping young gent, for instance, sporting a summery tank top. “Watermelon in the rain” could definitely be the title of Donna Summer’s secret, never-been-released track.

Gwen Stefani, girl, is that you?

Came for the pants, stayed for the genderqueer box pun.

Beard and outfit coordination? Coco Chanel would be so proud.

Nothing says “excuse my beauty” like hot pink leggings and a gold vest.

Photos by Nick Lachance