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Favrit: Lickety Split

I love these ladies and gents: licketysplitzine.blogspot.com ! But especially Sarah Beall.




For those that aren't familliar with the content of Lickety Split, give us a
brief run-down.
Sarah Beall: Lickety Split is a pansexual smut zine dedicated to sex positive
expression and thought. Our goal is to make the masses cum with a diverse array
of writing, art, and photography that addresses the messy, sticky, and fun
subject of sex and sexuality. We emphasize consent and communication as the
pillars of sex involving two or more people, and we purposefully give our
models complete control over how they are represented in the zine. We want to
give folks the opportunity to challenge pre-packed ideas of what is sexy or
pleasurable or socially acceptable by creating their own images and narratives
according to their own unique turn ons. Also, we like to think of making smut
as a sexual practice/act in and of itself, whether it be naughty
self-portraiteur or any other art form. 

You have become the newest Editor-in-Chief. Tell me about the recent
SB: Well, it has all been very exciting for me, since I've been a fan of
Lickety Split ever since its inception. I remember being 18 and Amber Goodwyn saying
to me that she was going to start a smut zine and my immediate reaction being,
"OMG I want to do that!" Then, I became a contributor and when it was
time for the torch to be passed, I was lucky enough to be there and say
"yes, I want to do this." It's a real honour to be working on such a
well-loved, much needed and respected zine.  

have been some changes since I've taken of the reins,

[more] the main one being the
way we cover our printing costs. Originally, Lickety Split was a hand-bound
black and white xerox affair with a print run of 500. Since its debut in 2004,
the quality of the printing has gotten a lot better and we now print 1000
copies/issue with as much colour as we can afford. This, of course, means the
cost of producing the zine has increased to the point where it's not really an
acceptable risk for the Lickety crew to be fronting the $3000 we need to print
each issue.   

currently exploring multiple avenues of fundraising, the main one being our
monthly smut on the dance floor parties and a video we made to encourage people
to make donations. Link to the video: http://bit.ly/8Yh4CK 

far as the future of LS, I'm determined to make the next issue the sexiest,
sauciest one yet and to continue to spread the sex positive word as much as

What do you want to do when you are older? 
SB: When I'm older I want to be doing all the same things I'm doing now and
getting paid to do them, haha. Seriously, though, I love writing and creating
and promoting sex positivity. These things feel like home to me and give me the
kind of brain-gasm that's worth the occasional crises that come from being a
person who lives for sexy ideas and sometimes feels things a little too
intensely. So in answer to your question, I want to be a high femme burlesque
queen editor/writer/novelist. 

What's your thoughts on the sex positive vibe in Montreal. 
SB: On the one hand, I think the sex positive vibes are phenomenal in Montreal.
All the great sex positive events and parties and organizations, to name a
few–Head and Hands, the Sense Project and Faggity Ass Fridays, The 2110 Centre
for Gender Advocacy, Radical Queer week, Stella, Project 10–make this city a
space where people have access to sex positive resources and a place to
celebrate "non-normative" sexuality. On the other hand, the recent
attempts to bulldoze lower St-Laurent and the fact that most of the area's sex
workers have had to move their business further east–to the point where Stella
has also moved–tell a different story. I mean, my bf was called a fag just the
other night and there are still queer bashings and these things are just
unacceptable. Luckily, I believe really strongly in the strength and spirit and
glitter and guts of Montreal's sex positive allies and I think we will continue
to work and fuck and party in a way that challenges transphobia and homophobia and
the denial of basic rights for sex workers. 

Name one public figure with an awesome "top energy" 
SB: Courtney Love? Can I just say how much I love her? I mean, if I was within 3 feet of her I'd probably
be scared shitless but she's hot and talented and even through her incoherent
ramblings I feel like she's on to something. Amy Winehouse, too. These women
are not afraid to come undone in the public eye and there's something so bare
and strong about it. So yeah, I wanna be topped by hyper-sexual, train wrecks
in baby doll dresses. Either that, or Joan from Mad Men. 

You have a partner. What's some good relationship advice for making it
SB: Oh, well, it's been said a zillion times before but communication is key.
Like, sometimes you think you're talking about things but then maybe there's an
upset and then you *really* have to be open with the other person and you
re-realize just how important it is to be upfront and honest. This happens to
me a lot, and every time it's like being struck by a cartoon beam of lightening
that says "communication," and my addled little brain says, "ah,
I feel better now. That wasn't so bad after all." Of course, 
sometimes the only kind of talking you want to do is dirty and that's great
too. My partner is always coming up with creative ways to please me and
sometimes just discussing them gets him off. Sex comes in so many different
flavours and moods depending on the moment and playing around with indulging in
and accentuating these moods keeps things interesting. 

SB: Leopard and Lace. Day or night, you can not go wrong. Well, maybe you can,
but I know how to work it. 

Best spot in the city to have a necking session? 
SB: I'm a fan of dark, sweaty spaces like a corner in the playhouse or silver
door during a a drunken, euphoric dance party. Either that or anywhere in broad
daylight. Montreal is a city of lust and when lustiness comes over me, I obey

Favrit date. Please describe your ideal. 
SB: I'm a fan of all day dates. A Summery day with sweet morning sex and
cuddles, getting all dressed up and going up the mountain to Beaver Lake,
renting a paddle boat and eating a picnic lunch. Then, back home where my
partner worships me for a bit and we have a nap. Later, maybe a shower for two,
getting all gussied up again, going to eat tapas and drink wine on a terrasse.
Then something intellectually stimulating like a show or a play or a lecture,
followed by kinky night sex. Good conversation and lube are essential. 

Funnest fun night in the city?
SB: Smut on the dance floor! Lickety Split's monthly dance party/fundraiser.
Man, have we had some humdingers. After our last party we were able to meet our
fundraising goal for the next issue!!! so we'll be on hiatus until the June 4th
launch of Lickety Split #8: The Work Issue. 

Next time people can meet up with you in a public setting? 
SB: At the next Faggity Ass Fridays at Playhouse on March 26th. People can also
check out the Lickety Split blog for more info on sex positive events about
town. Facebook



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