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Favrits: Gregory Bourgoin


K&K: What is your name, what do you do?

Favrit ting: My name is Gregory Bourgoin, I'm an Aquarius. I guess my occupation = Human Be-ing. I'm presently heading off on a new Adventure to the Mountains in New Mexico for two months where I will be a steward at the Lama Foundation (, which is a spiritual community operating on Permaculture principals.

k&k: How aged are you?

FT: I'm 26 years young.

k&k: Places you like to hang out in the city (ie GAY ones)

FT: I like going to the Faggity Ass Parties when they happen, at the Playhouse.

k&k: Bears, cubs or quipsters?

FT: I'm going to go with quipster, only because I like the sounds of it. 1.

k&k: Number one dating pet peeve?

FT: Lack of self confidence, I like independent folks. But I also don't like overly aloof people. If you like me let me know, let's not dance around how we really feel.

k&k: You studied holistic naturotherapy right? What are some easy things we can do to reconnect with a healthier version of ourselves?

FT: Chew your food people! Your stomach does not have teeth! Chew it long and hard. Your digestive system starts with your teeth and mouth, you have to get lots of saliva mixed in there too so that the digestive enzymes can start working before they even hit the stomach. Also try not to drink a lot of water with your meal: it disrupts/dilutes the very delicate balance of digestive enzymes that are trying to do their business. And lastly I would say kinder self-talk is most important, we are so negative towards our selves. Pay attention to where your energy is going during the day. If you are spending a lot of it thinking about how ugly or unhealthy you are, chances are you will get stuck in that mind frame and create the exact situation you fear most. Try faking it till you make it, so to speak. Telling yourself you are "reconnecting with a healthier version of yourself" often during the day will promote that into actual fruition.

k&k: How can we get in touch with you?

FT: You can add me on Facebook I guess, or email me at

k&k: Next time Montrealers can admire your beauty in a live setting?

FT: At the Naada Yoga Studio on 5540 Casgrain, but you'll have to wait till August when I return from New Mexico.

k&k: Your website? Can we add you on Facebook?

FT: I have a blog that I tend to less then I would like. and my Facebook name is Shepherd Naga Ratri.  

k&k: ps, ur cool Shep. xo.