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FedEx, mutilation and proliferating bisexuals

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CDC study: Bisexuals proliferating

The US Centers for Disease Control’s latest family survey shows that more Americans are identifying as bisexual. The number of gay men in the study stayed constant, while the population of gay women shrunk. The number of bisexuals of both genders grew, but especially quickly among young women.

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Chinese same-sex marriage case accepted

A gay Chinese man from Changsha says his case arguing for the right to marry his partner has been accepted by a court. Sun Wenlin plans to argue that denying his right to marry contravenes China’s constitutional protections on the freedom to marry and gender equality.

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Judge OK’s lesbian widow’s lawsuit against FedEx

A California federal judge has allowed a lawsuit against FedEx to continue, claiming the company wrongfully denied pension benefits to the widow of an employee. FedEx claims it doesn’t have to pay up because when the employee died, the Defense of Marriage Act still blocked federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

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Alabama chief justice defies supreme court on same-sex marriage

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says that his state’s ban on same-sex marriage is still in effect, despite what the US Supreme Court might say. Moore argued that the Supreme Court’s decision doesn’t apply to Alabama, even though a federal judge has already specifically clarified that it does.

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Dame Edna actor calls trans women “mutilated men”

Australian comedian Barry Humphries, the face behind his famous character Dame Edna Everage, says trans women are merely “mutilated men.” Humphries criticized trans people while defending his friend and Australian feminist academic Germaine Greer, who said trans women are men “who believe that they are women and have themselves castrated.”

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