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Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

After years of gazing wistfully at other cities’ mid-winter celebrations, gay Vancouverites may be about to get a mid-winter Mardi Gras of their own.

James Steck and the other Davie Village bar managers are planning to collaboratively launch the first-ever event on Fri Feb 24. If Steck gets his way, it will be a one-day affair this year, growing into a week-long festival in years to come. Mardi Gras revellers need only buy a $10 wristband to freely access all the clubs and bars in the Village (including the Odyssey) and get discounts on food inside. All proceeds from the wristband will go to The Centre on Bute St.

“When’s the last time you were able to bar-hop and not pay cover?” asks Steck, who directs operations for Numbers, the Oasis and Sugar Daddy’s. “People are always looking for something fun to do. All they need is an excuse. This is the perfect excuse.”