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Feeling The Blue (Part 2)

Daddy’s cock makes me think

“I still had that desire for love deep inside of me, I always had. I just ignored it.” Credit: Fuse/Thinkstock

. . . As I left the booth, I passed a daddy in his early 50s. He had the same allure as DH — tall and beefy, sure, but it was the air of confidence that caught my attention. We played the look-don’t-look game for a few minutes, and I wasn’t sure whether he was interested or not, so I began walking away. I guess he was interested, because he followed closely behind.

I went into the closest available booth and he slipped into an adjoining unit. This booth, like the other, also had a slot in the wall — and after a few moments, his cock came through it. He jiggled it a bit, prompting me to suck. His cock looked delicious: it was about seven inches, uncut and thick, with grey pubes at the base.

As I stared at it, I thought about the story of DH. He really was an island of his own that he let very few people onto. He always let me though. He lived the most unconventional life void of love, which was adopted through age and experience. It wasn’t always like this though. He was married once and found love with others too. As my mentor he taught me about all of his mistakes, and had a very low opinion of love. There were stories of exes, who weren’t always kind to DH and took advantage of his generosity. He made so many decisions out of love but he swore that he’d never do it again. I often wondered whether that young DH who seemed to so desperate for love was buried deep inside him somewhere wanting to get out.  

As I looked down at that daddy’s cock through the slot, I knew that I needed more. I still had that desire for love deep inside of me, I always had. I just ignored it. Standing there in the booth I realized that just because I had a complacent life with Mark doesn’t mean that that’s the way love needs to be.

I turned around, unlocked the door and stepped back into the hall, leaving that daddy’s cock hanging there. I don’t doubt DH’s teachings about love per se, but one has to learn for themselves or at least try. That’s the only reason why I needed the distance from him — I needed to leave the nest for a bit and see the world on my own. When I come back, who knows, maybe I’ll say, “Yes, DH, you were right about love.” But what if he’s wrong?   

I was now cruising for a new type of story in the hallways of The Blue. When I knew that nobody was following me, I stepped into one of the booths. I closed the door behind me and locked it. The slot opened up next to me. What will it be this time?  

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