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Fem fatale Cory Wade Hindorff

America's Next Top Model contestant living his life out loud

America's Next Top Model's Cory Wade Hindorff was last season's only gay contestant. Credit: Hindorff

When America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 introduced male contestants for the first time this past season, many were intrigued by Cory Wade Hindorf — an intoxicatingly beautiful male hopeful and the only gay contestant in the competition. Hindorff may have placed third, but post Top Model, his career has taken him to places as far away as Malaysia. Xtra spoke to the 23-year-old Philadelphia native about maintaining his femininity, marriage proposals and how he really feels about former Top Model cast mate Jeremy Rohmer.

Xtra: When I first saw you on the show, I felt that you were the one to beat. You are absolutely stunning and your face is such a beautiful blank canvass.

Cory Wade Hindorff: Thank you so much.

You are based in Philadelphia, but do you have plans to move to New York?

I think I'm going to move to New York. My reasoning for living in Philly has to do with my relationship. I'm in a very serious relationship with my boyfriend of three years, who I love dearly — his name's Anthony — and I'm not ready to be apart from him yet. If the career takes me away from him, then I'll have to make the move, but I'm definitely not trying to rush it.

Are you signed with an agency right now?

I've gotten a few offers and I have plans to sign definitely in January, but I'm holding off until then because offers keep on coming through. I don't want to pick one before I hit all of them.

It's great that you are getting offers despite some of the judges on the show saying that you are too effeminate.

It depends on what agency it is and what they're willing to do. A lot of people feel that we aren't ready for this "free-expression revolution" to take place. We've been ready for so long and people have just been scared, and I don't know why.

You were the only gay contestant on the show, but did any of the straight guys take a liking to you?

It's funny that you mention that. Some passes were made at one point, and I would never out anyone and I don't feel that it's anyone's business, especially if that person doesn't want to share it.

I guess you were too beautiful to resist.

I was just trying to stay focused on the competition, honey, and I did not care about any of that. Those boys were just eye-candy to me. They were so nice to look at, but at the end of the day I had a job to get done.

You told G Philly magazine that you would have sex with fellow contestant Jeremy Rohmer "if he wanted to and if he wasn't a virgin and really Christian."

I was joking in that interview, and a lot of people took me seriously. [Laughs] I'm so glad that you are giving me the opportunity to clear it up here. Even Jeremy called me, and I told him that I was totally joking and I didn't know that they were going to print it out that way. Jeremy is a beautiful man, and anyone would be stupid to turn him down if he actually wanted to have sex with them. The thing is, Jeremy is a virgin, and because of his faith he is not going to be having sex until after marriage. And I think that is a really sad thing, and I think it is a crime towards the whole female race because he is such a beautiful man.

Although you are in a committed relationship, you must get marriage proposals from both men and women.

I think that is so sweet. If I could just get married to a girl real quick for the benefits . . . (Laughs). But at the end of the day I am very serious about my boyfriend.