Brian Topp
1 min

Fending off leadership boredom

Brian Topp says that a boring leadership
race could hurt the NDP, which explains why he’s been the only one to really go
on the offensive against Dewar and Mulcair so far in a race that has been
marked with “violent agreement.”

John Baird defends the need for his
fledgling Office of Religious Freedom and says there’s nothing nefarious about
it, but the details remain secret.

DNA testing has proved inconclusive as to
whether former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker is the father of George Dryden.
Sure, the DNA may be inconclusive, but the photographic proof? That seems
pretty conclusive, no?

Members of the Gatineau mosque that was vandalized
over the weekend want the incident investigated as a hate crime.

And former Liberal candidate Daniel Veniez gives
a pretty stinging indictment of what is wrong with the party, and what needs
to be done to fix it. (Caution: possible firewall.)

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