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Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

The festival du Nouveau Cinema
is off to a running start since yesterday. The FNC runs from Oct. 7 to 18.

To Die Like a Man is the story of a dying tranny. Holla!

My friends over at the FNC
(loosely translated as Festival of new cinema, featuring primarily original and
largely unseen works) are busily putting together the last touches on a
brilliant couple of art/Fall/film days that gently hugs our lovely city each
year. My fav queer film fag took a second to send over the queer picks for the
FNC. And though I won't be at the screenings, having seen them already, I will
be at a few other ones. Expect a round-up on K&K in the next few days.
Click titles for playtimes.

(Maria Beatty / DEU, USA)
Taking the conventions of film noir and gothic horror, Maria Beatty refines her
genre-bending erotic, lesbian cinema in a story of sex, science and love. (PANORAMA

Roi de L'Évasion
(King of Escape) (Alain Guiraudie, FRA)
Alain Guiraudie's sensitive portrayal of a gay man experiencing a mid-life
crisis. Le Roi de L'Évasion is one man's joyful rejection of convention and

Die Like a Man
(Joao Pedro Rodrigues, FRA, PRT)
An exhaustive fictional study of a dying transgender diva. Fans of the genre
(think Almodovar without the comic relief) won't be disappointed, especially by
the luminous performance of Fernando Santos.