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Fetish Fair will go ahead

But organizers have communications problem

Credit: Nicola Betts

The Church Street FetishFair will go ahead this year, but beyond that organizers seem to be on different pages.

The fair is put on each year by the Church Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area (CWVBIA). Last year Cam Lewis served as executive producer of the event, held on Aug 19.

No date has yet been set for this year’s event.

David Wootton, the coordinator of the CWVBIA, says Lewis will be the executive producer again.

“He’s still going to be involved,” says Wootton. “He has approached the Mr Leatherman Toronto (MLT) program about getting them involved this year.”

But Wootton says plans for the event are a little vague.

“The role of the BIA is to execute the Fetish Fair within our means,” he says. “I’d like to get more details from him [Lewis].”

Lewis says Wootton is getting way ahead of himself and he hasn’t made up his mind about being involved.

“Mr Wootton spoke out of turn,” he says. “Chances are I’m going to do it. MLT has not stated anything. Until I talk to them there’s nothing going on.

“There’s ifs all over the place. We’re working on solving those ifs.”

Wootton then called back to apologize for his previous comments.

“Basically nothing has been confirmed with MLT and it won’t be until it goes to their board,” he says. “There will be a Fetish Fair this year but it’s not confirmed who’ll be involved.”

Wootton says the Fetish Fair is important to the queer community and its businesses.

“It maintains the community and it keeps the community involved with itself,” he says. “There’s something lacking in the sense of community. Any sort of event that celebrates our diversity is needed.

“The Fetish Fair is a successful event. It brings resources and growth to the business district and to the businesses itself. We would like to increase our visibility with this event.”