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Fighting yesterday’s fights

The Hill Times digs through the entrails of the recent filibuster here. Andrew Coyne weighs in, saying that it's a case of fighting yesterday’s fights while Parliament ignores the challenges of tomorrow (such as our inability to capitalize on research and technology).

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny looks at our diminishing presence on the world stage. But hey – Canada’s Back™, everyone!

The information commissioner gives PCO a failing grade. Who would have thought that was going to happen?

Here’s a look at the lottery that determines private members’ business in the current Parliament. And just so you know, Randall Garrison’s slot is number 38, which he’ll use to reintroduce the trans rights bill.

Remember how we mentioned the other day that the government is now capping the number of foreign workers we accept? Here’s a bit more on that.

Here's a picture of Stephen Harper and his daughter with Katy Perry. Because hobnobbing with celebrities totally isn’t his shtick – that was the other guy’s thing, remember?

PEI loved William and Kate, and they apparently had a great time there, too. William even learned a Canadian helicopter manoeuvre that he can take back to England (where he works as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot).
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