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Filipino justice, Houston revenge, and funny AIDS

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Too little, too late?

After LGBT groups in Houston resoundingly lost their bid to save a municipal equal rights ordinance, they have come out with a series of hard-hitting ads attacking their opponents as liars and hypocrites. The ads may be too late to help this time, but may be part of a long game to get pro-LGBT politicians elected for the next round.

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When AIDS was funny

At Vanity Fair, listen to three stunning audiotapes from the Reagan-era White House press corps, as Reagan’s press secretary laughs off increasingly urgent questions about the AIDS crisis. The exchanges, spurred by conservative journalist Lester Kinsolving between 1982 and 1984, show just how lightly the administration took AIDS and the suffering of gay men until it was far too late.

Gay festival attacked in Acapulco

Gunmen attacked a gay festival in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco this week, killing three men and injuring five more. The attacks may be related to a recent spike in gang violence in the region.

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US marine convicted of killing Filipina trans woman

A court in the Philippines has convicted US marine Joseph Scott Pemberton of homicide for killing a trans woman, Jennifer Laude, whom he hired for sex. Pemberton escaped the greater charge of murder, arguing he was “defending his life and honour” after discovering Laude was transgender.

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Study: A quarter of Grindr users on PrEP

According to a joint study by gay hookup app Grindr and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, 25 percent of Grindr users take PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis. If the study is indicative of all 1.5 million US Grindr users, it could indicate that PrEP is more popular than previously thought.