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Filled with Glee

Good news all around today — for me, I capped off Celebrate Bisexuality Day by going to a preview here in Toronto of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's sexy and scandalous new show Neon Nightz — a wildly entertaining ode to the Montreal strip club scene in the '90s starring Sasha Van Bon Bon and Kitty Neptune:

And thanks to the wonders of the internet, I didn't have to miss out on last night's episode of Glee, featuring this utterly ridiculous and wonderful scene:

The show was hilarious and poignant and proof that the gays have taken over the airwaves.  Sure, I didn't think anything could top the news that Heather Locklear is returning to Melrose Place but there's also been the adorable coupling of frathouse roommates Calvin and Grant on the ABC Family college-life series Greek:

What amazes me is the lack of controversy over this show — there's an interracial gay couple in a show on the aimed-at-teens ABC Family network yet not a peep from the wingnuts?  Ah, progress!

This is why this pop culture stuff matters, of course — it's what's helping kids to now come out as early as eleven.  Now we get to see if all that "family values" talk really holds up as these brave kids demand support.

And finally, the best potential news of all:  successful trials of a possible vaccine against HIV!  As always, it's too early to celebrate but even other researchers appear dazzled by the news today.

Only trouble is, all this good news leaves me nothing to snark about, which is….what's that?  Stephen Harper skipped out on the United Nations for a visit to Tim Hortons?  When Canadians asked just how useless he could be, he said, "Double double?"  He thought Ban Ki-Moon meant order a cruller instead?  Did he tell the other world leaders he'd be there in a Timbit?

Oh that Stephen — like Tim Horton's, he's always there for me!