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Fillmore Family Foundation Prairie Fowl Supper 2010

I'm postponing this week's hotness files to tell you a little ditty about this year's Prairie Fowl Supper:

Never heard of the Fillmore Family Foundation

I was invited to this event last year and it pretty much felt like the church basement dinners I went to with the Ukrainian side of my family, except that it was packed with homosexuals, lesbians and drag queens. All plaid. Tons of food. Lots of dancing. Somebody playing the saw. You get it right? What's more: everyone brings all their spare change and rolls it at their tables to determine which tables eat first. Last year, they raised an incredible $15,000 for A Loving Spoonful, McLaren Housing Society and OUT in Schools.

Tickets went on sale this weekend and sold out online in six minutes. 

Organizers have found more tickets, though, and released another 50 to Little Sister's yesterday. Call before heading in. If there are still tickets left, get one. You will have one of your favourite moments of the year if you get to attend. And if they are already sold out, check out the "Need a ticket/swap a ticket" part of

Hope to see you there! 

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